Hey ladies,

So I'm back from my glorious 2 week vacation. AF was scheduled to arrive Monday and did not show her face. I kept telling myself that my travels messed up my cycle and it was just delayed a few days. But my slightly swelled up boobies and what I like to refer to as "pregnancy style" gas planted a tiny seed of hope in the back of my mind. I haven't been able to temp since I've been getting up so early due to jet-lag, but I temped this morning about an hour earlier than my usual time. My temp was sky high! (98.34 I think?) I was going to buy a test today, but then I saw red this am.

I'm confused as to why my temp is so high, but oh well. Barring some weird reason why I would be bleeding and still pregnant, I think it's safe to say that AF is back from vacation as well.

I (not so) secretly hoped that I'd get pregnant just before being scheduled to start injectables. We didn't really try too hard this cycle, since the timing was so wonky with vacay and all that. But I wanted to be one of those stories. ("We were just about to start ...fill in the blank treatment.... when poof!")

SO-now I have to call my clinic and schedule a time to come in to learn about and pick up my injectables! I'm poopin' my pants scared. (But also excited.)

I do NOT like needles. I've been assured by many that the Follistim pen is so tiny and easy. I just can't wrap my mind around giving myself an injection! I will probably have DH do it. But you go in to your Doc's office for the trigger, right? And how does that feel? I had to have a RH shot recently (in the arse!) and I survived. Would you rate the trigger shot better or worse?

Whoever's tried Follistim, can you share your experience? All the gory details please! OH! And how many mature follicles did you have when they triggered you?