I had my D&C on Thursday. I've 2 days where I haven't needed pain meds at all, 2 days where I ended up taking both the ibuprofen and hydrocondone and the rest of the days I've managed with just one ibuprofen. But the pain is still lingering. I can still function after taking pain meds but I'm usually still not feeling great. My BM 's are normal ish. A little firmer than usual but I don't have a ton of trouble going. But i do get stabbing pains in my side/uterus when I try to go. Is that normal? Do I need to take more colace? How long will I bleed? It's really starting to seem like a lot of blood. When does the pain stop? Sometimes it's so sharp I can't breathe. I'm really feeling guilty for taking painkillers daily. This is just really hard.