Trying to use this time to potty train my LO1z. He will be 3 in a couple of months. Shows readiness and has went dry for periods of times. He uses the potty at school too.

I put him in undies on Thursday and he was motivated and excited. I expect accidents. I don’t know if he’s going pee in the undies or if it’s from after peeing in the potty and his penis is just wet? We go every 15 mins and he’s peeing but also has undies wet too????

Also how did you do poop? He usually goes in the morning and afternoon. He’s been sitting on the potty and does alittle poop in the potty but doesn’t finish and wants his undies back. We’ve had poop in the undies twice. Should we put him in the pull-up so he can just poop and then switch? I don’t know- any helpful tips is appreciated.