My daughter will be 2.5 in January and I’m already stressed about how to potty train her. She started around 16 months with interest that quickly faded within weeks. Since then, I haven’t pushed it much but I feel like it’s crunch time.
Here’s what I know:
1. She’s not scared of the toilet
2. She can say “peepee and poopoo go in the potty, not our diaper or underwear”
3. She will often tell us if she’s wet or dirty
4. She will hide when she poops and then won’t sit until she’s changed
5. When we encourage potty use, or if she says she “wants to go”, she will sit for like 3 seconds and then say she’s done. Even with bribes, it’s almost impossible to get her to sit longer. The only thing that will keep her sitting there is if we let her watch her tablet. And then she will sit forever but very rarely does anything in the potty.
6. As mentioned above, bribes hardly work.
7. I’m not sure I want to do the “3 day method”. I’m open to a modified version if anyone has tried something less intense! She’s not a big “drinker” and doesn’t like anything other than water and milk at meal times. With that being said, she really doesn’t urinate a lot and usually has 1 BM a day. So I feel the method is going to become extremely frustrating to have her going every 15 min.
8. She attends half day preschool and they “take” her to the potty but they’ve experienced the same outcome I have. She has to be trained by early May to participate in the summer program.

Anyways, I’d appreciate and advice! Maybe she’s more ready than I realize and I need to step up my part? She’s not ready but showing signs that it will happen soon? She’s stubborn and I’m doomed??

Thanks ladies!!
Pic because it helps remind me that even though this is frustrating, she’s so sweet!