DS is fully potty trained night & day for pee. We started a month ago with no intention of doing night potty training yet, but he stayed dry overnight of his own accord.

But the poop. The poop. He just will not poop in the potty. I thought we were getting there, but for the past few days he's just squeezed out little turds, and always starts out pooping in his undies. If I'm lucky, I catch him and then he'll finish in the potty. But, I'm so tired. I've cleaned four pair of poopy undies today and he still hasn't done a proper poop.

I'm going to buy prune juice tonight because I am sure he's constipated and that it's from stress of pooping in the potty. I was trying so hard to avoid just this, and I've told him that he can poop in his pull ups, but he doesn't.

Any tips on how to get him to poop in the potty? I thought about a rewards chart, but I don't know because I would want to reward him for pooping completely in the potty (re: not starting in his undies), but then there wouldn't be any immediate successes.

Anyhow, this is long, but please send help or tell me it gets better. FWIW, he's three.