My son is 32 months old and not potty trained. This isn’t a big deal but I’d really like him to be by August so that he can go to preschool in the fall (2 days a week).
So far we have basically done “toilet learning” Montessori style. My older kid basically potty trained herself over night by the time she was 20 months old so I don’t really know how to help my son figure it out.
He’s accidentally peed on the potty twice (we just timed it right) but never on purpose. He doesn’t really seem to connect what it feels like to have to go/make yourself go with peeing/pooping. He also isn’t bothered by wet or poopy diapers. The other challenge is that he still often poops 2-3 times a day, whereas my daughter pooped predictably once a day after breakfast (easy to get her on the potty at the right time!)

Anyway. I think we are going to have to try the 2-3 day method. I’m wondering when I should try, with the reality that it might not work the first time. We have 3 kids and I SAH, but I think I will be too distracted to properly watch him if I’m alone with all 3. My husband has a week off in June and we could do it then but that doesn’t leave much time if it doesn’t work, and we have a trip at the end of July and a week at the pool for swimming lessons in July....

I’m getting increasingly nervous about him not being ready. I’m trying really hard not to let him pick up on that because I know the anxiety won’t help, but this year would suck to miss- it’s basically 2-day a week free preschool because we live in a place with some subsidized early child education. If he’s not ready, he’s not ready.... but I am ready!!!

How to I get it to click for him?? 😩