I will be 30 weeks tomorrow and was diagnosed with gestational hypertension this week. My doctor has advised me to expect an early baby. We are hoping I'll make it to 34 weeks, but because this developed early my chances of it becoming pre-e or worsening are pretty good. (50% chance it becomes pre-e). Therefore we are expecting an early baby. Hopefully she'll hang out for a long time, but we aren't counting on that. I get 12 weeks maternity leave where I will be working from home, and it starts the day baby is born. Depending on how long she hangs out in utero, part of my leave will probably be with her staying in the NICU. My concern is (well, one of them) once my 12 weeks is up, I have to go back to work. It doesnt' seem to matter how old or small she is, I will be expected to put her in daycare and return to the office. I know preemie's have weaker immune systems and to me putting a premature baby in a daycare setting in the middle of flu season is just a terrible idea. I'm trying not to worry about this too much, but I do want to have a game plan.

If you had a preemie, when did you feel comfortable having baby around other children, particularly germ factories like daycares. Did you leave work or stay out longer to care for your itty bitty babe? What did you do? Or what would you do? Any and all practical advice welcome.