DS is almost 4.5 and has been a pretty good sleeper. He's dropped naps completely for a few months now and goes to bed around 8:30 or 9. He normally sleeps through the night about 11 hours in his own bed and wakes around 7 am.

Last week we had family in from out of town and either the routine disruption or maybe a cognitive spurt has him fighting bedtime like crazy. Every night we do the same routine as usual, but he comes out of his room at different intervals asking for socks, potty, a certain stuffed animal, etc.

I tried the Super Nanny back in bed thing where I walk him back to bed with no discussion, but he's persistent on coming out 2-3 times every night. I've got a reward chart going and I want to add stay in bed to his list of "responsibilities".

What else would you do at this age? I wonder if promising to check on him would help. He's been saying lately that he doesn't want to be alone at other times, too.