Hi everyone. I'm about to return to work on Monday (sad and also excited), and my 3.5-mo-old LO will be going to daycare 2 min. from our house. I work 10 min. from our house, so I don't have a serious commute. As you can imagine, I'm a bit nervous for this new chapter and want to be prepared. My question(s) for you:

1) I'm planning to pump at work and bring milk to daycare. Logistically, what do you do about bottles? I have the Medela Pump In Style and normally pump into the 4-oz bottles that came with it. My husband has been giving an occasional breast milk Avent brand bottle to supplement a feeding. Do daycares prefer that I divide milk into the bottles that LO will drink from? Or can I just give them the Medela storage bottles and 1 of the kind he drinks from? And I have no idea how much he actually drinks per feeding. Should I be getting larger bottles at this point?

2) What do you pack the bottles in to make it safely to daycare? And I suppose I also need something separate to take the new full bottles home from work while the others are at daycare? Did you buy an extra set of Medela pump bottles?

3) What else needs to go to daycare with him besides diapers, his preferred pacifiers, a toy or 2, change of clothes, drool bibs? Burp cloths (we go through a lot at home)?