I am puppy sitting my friend's new puppy. I live in an apartment complex so I do not have outdoor space. My family has had dogs before so I am familiar with dogs. We do not have any pets at the moment.

My friend's dog is paper trained and does not want to go outside. My friend brought her dog over and when she left my family and I took him out for about three hours. He did not go at all. When I brought him in, I fed him lunch and waited about 30 minutes and took him for another 30 minute walk and nothing. I put down his wee wee pad and had him stand on it and nothing. My family sat in the living room and he comes in and pees on my new rug. (Great and it's cream.) no worries I clean it up and put him on the paper. Nothing. He comes back in the room and falls asleep.

About 630 I give him my dinner and wait 30 minutes and took him for an hour walk. He sniffed every pee and poop spot and doesn't do anything. I bring him back and went to get my dd some juice and he goes into my bedroom and pees on my other new rug. I'm at a loss now. I clean it up take the pee paper towel and put it on the wee wee pad and brought him over there to have him smell it. I put his crate in the kitchen and I'm leaving him there for fear he will poop or pee on my rugs again.

Please tell me how I can encourage him to pee outside. I cannot just keep him in the kitchen. I also found out he never has gone to the bathroom outside