hello all!

my dear friend is going through IVF right now and is feeling very hopeless and is having a hard time reaching out to people, asking questions etc so i've decided to ask on here for her!

she just completed and ivf cycle and put two embryos in at 3 days - one was a blast one was not. today she went in for her blood test and had very low HCG levels but a positive pregnancy test (this is 14 days post transfer) - she is very nervous that since her levels are so low at this point that she is going to be having an early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy.

they have asked her to go back again on wednesday to test again with the hopes that HCG has doubled or tripled.

i guess my question is at this point in the game, is she out of luck? i know it's possible that this could be chemical, but i wonder if people have seen hcg levels rise dramatically between 14dpt to 16dpt.

hope to hear from you guys! thanks!