Hi All,

Im in need of some sound advice and support, please! I am in a tough situation, and I feel like this is a good place for me to get some good suggestions on how to deal with this.

As many of you know, my husband and I have been dealing with various infertility treatments for the past 6 months (2 failed ivfs, 2 failed iuis, one canceled ivf, one natural cycle, and various other things) - It has hands down been the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life so let's just say that I'm excited for this year to end! I am feeling hopeful about 2014 so thats good.

One of my best friends, an old friend, fell pregnant basically right when we found out that our first medicated ivf cycle had failed and as imagined the timing was very difficult for us, but I continued to stay strong and be joyful for her. Over the past few months, I've felt that she's been very insensitive to my situation, constantly sending me photos, talking about being pregnant, etc. to a point where we had to have a chat about it about 1.5 months back and I thought I was fairly clear that maybe the preg talk was a little tough for me. I'm not sure the message was received but on my "good days" I was able to ask questions etc.

About three weeks ago, my husband had a terrible thing happen where we were supposed to have a transfer and the day of, we found out our one frozen embryo did not make it and we had nothing to transfer. Since that time I've been very low, very sad, have been uninterested in talking to pregnant friends or people in general!

Anyway, a couple of days ago I received one of the meanest emails in my life. My oldest best friend who I am speaking of wrote to tell me that she feels like I am being an awful friend, unsupportive, not friend worthy, that she feels like she would not be able to keep being there for me since I am not excited, supporting her, asking her questions, ignoring that she is pregnant, not "texting, calling, asking for pics " like everyone else she knows, and that she is so disappointed and hurt by this that she is literally threatening our friendship. It is so awful to me. I wrote her back a very honest and heartfelt response about how the srtuggle has been tougher than i thought it would be and i'm sorry but she still seems angry, defensive and justifying her words by saying that she has shown me support and that i give nothing so she is honest and intense about how she feels about the friendship.

I've been trying the past few days to make contact, buy her a gift, etc but she is just MAD. It is not going away. I feel she is punishing me and I'm so so hurt that she is doing this to me at a time like this in my life too. I understand her sadness that her best friend isn't as excited for her as she would like me to be but it feels so selfish and mean.

Please help! Thank you all in advance. xoxo