I have a question for any architect bees, or if your spouse is an architect. DH got laid off last week. He's a licensed architect with almost 25 years of experience. He was working for a small firm, and they just ran out of work. Here's what I'm wondering... I see a good number of job listings for "Project Architect" or "Level II Architect" that also specify "over 5 years of experience." My interpretation is that they want to make sure the person isn't fairly new, but that there's no experience cut off, especially if they are looking for someone who is licensed. DH's interpretation is that they want someone with 5-10 years of experience and it's not worth applying for. But I don't really see anything that specifies more than 10 or 15 years of experience. I'm trying to decide how much to pressure him to apply for these types of postings, but obviously I've never hired an architect, so I don't really know. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks!