I've had 3 early losses since September and have an appt with my OB for next week to discuss. Briefly, here's what happened with the losses.

1: In September was EBF my then 9 month old around the clock still and we were not trying, but also not being super careful. Had no idea I was pregnant and randomly started spotting and cramping so took a test and it was very positive. Was shocked - Pretty sure I conceived on CD6. Had HCG tested and it was 78 and since I was still spotting, had it retested 48 hours later, was already down to 30. Had natural m/c. Chalked it up to bad luck.

2: Made sure not to have sex for 2 months to give body a rest. Had sex one time in November, again not trying, but not being careful either. Ended up pregnant. HCG at 14 DPO was 19. Two days later it was 9. Had natural m/c. At that time, I was nursing 4x a day and R was 11 months old. Chalked it up to nursing/ maybe low progesterone due to nursing.

3: Wasn't careful (but still, also not TTC) in December because who gets pregnant three times in a row? Sex one time and since I knew the timing made pregnancy possible, took a test early *just in case* I needed to have progesterone tested or something. The test was positive, but my OB's office declined to take a progesterone level and told me that they don't typically do that, instead offered that I could take prometrium (which is typically offered after 3 losses or if you have low progesterone) - I declined and the next day my pregnancy test was lighter, so I knew it was another loss. Even though I'm only nursing 2x a day and even though I only pump 2 oz at the times that he does nurse (baby is now 12 months) chalked this one up to nursing, I guess?

I fully realize this all may be because of nursing; obviously many women get and stay pregnant while nursing, but that may not be the case for me. Aside from that, I'm wondering what other questions I should ask my OB? I'm 35 and otherwise healthy. We had an early lost before DS1 and but no real issues conceiving him (8 months total, including the loss). Conceived DS2 on second cycle trying.

ETA: we do want a third. Timing wise would have probably started actually trying right around now.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your input.