I'm suddenly getting major anxiety over my 3rd csection.

My practice has two doctors, a male and a female. The male doctor did the delivery. I had some issues afterwards....(TMI time) it felt like my bladder was falling out when I peed for the first week or so, my incision was super painful for a long while, when my period came back months later, I couldn't wear tampons for months due to discomfort, sex was painful for awhile....nothing major, but still.

With my RCS, I ended up not making it to the RCS date and having an "emergency" csec. The female doctor was the one on call, and the one that delivered DS2. The csec itself took much longer, and in general, I felt like she was more meticulous. I had NONE of the issues I had with the first csection, and felt great afterwards. TMI again, I had even pooped by the next day with no problem, which as you know, is a feat in itself lol.

So now, I just scheduled my 3rd one, and was praying for the female doctor. Well, it turns out she's on vacation that entire week, so there's literally nothing I can do about it, unless baby comes early. I'm becoming afraid that all the issues I had with the 1st csec are going to be worse this time, since it's my 3rd one, and the male doc.

I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance. Every csec/surgery is different, despite the doctor, right? Or do you think the complications had to do with the doctor performing the surgery?