My due date is tomorrow and I just got back from a doctor appointment. He checked my cervix and I am not effaced or dilated at all (I knew before he told me because I haven't had any contractions and it HURT when he was checking). This is my second pregnancy. My first was born via emergency C-section before I went into labor.

My doctor has been very supportive of my choice to pursue a VBAC. He said I have two options at this point, he can re-check on Friday and schedule an induction for early next week or he can schedule a repeat C-section. My dr is willing to induce using Pitocin for a VBAC, but said he cannot use cervical ripening agents. I got the impression that if my cervix is not favorable by that time, the induction may not go well. My biggest fear is to go through a long and painful labor that results in a C-section.

Part of me is leaning towards the RCS because I know what to expect and I'm worried that if I don't go into spontaneous labor, I'll end up with one anyways. What would you do?