So I had my 39 week appointment today and found out that at my 40 week appointment (if I make it that long) I need to tell them what day I want to be induced on, assuming I don't go into labor prior. They allow you to go as long as 41+6, but they do plan a NST and u/s to check fluid on 41+1 if you want to go past 41 weeks.

I had always assumed I'd go to 42. I feel like the "general wisdom" is that babies come when they are ready, usually, and some babies need a bit more time to cook, and that as long as there is no sign of distress from baby or me, going to 42 is safest for both of us.

Also, I'd really like to NOT be induced. I'm hoping for a med-free birth and I've been going to a midwife practice who supports this and does in-hospital natural births with the birthing tub and the whole deal. So giving baby as long as possible to make her appearance appeals to me for that reason.

My concern is that I got a weird vibe from my midwife today that inducing at 41 is more normal than 42. She kept saying things like "well we'd really like you induced before 42, 41+6 is pretty much our limit for what we consider safe to wait it out." etc. And mentioned that a lot of people feel more comfortable with an earlier induction due to increased risks of meconium in the fluid, bigger babies, and placental issues if you go past 41 (although they do the NST and u/s to help assuage the placental concerns).

I guess it just left me feeling like maybe it isn't as safe for baby to wait for 42? I mean going to the "limit of safety" is not something that sounds super appealing to me when I'm talking about my child. And I worry that my reasons for wanting to avoid induction are mostly selfish (i.e. making labor and recovery easier on myself).

I really just want to do what is safest for my baby. But of course she couldn't really give me a definitive answer on what that is. I know no one here can give me a definitive answer anyways. But having to make this choice is sort of stressing me out and I'd love some insight from others on how they've made this decision.