LO is 14 months. Today is the 4th confirmed ear infection (the first one he ever had was in end of January).

He just finished his antibiotics last Thursday. Since his ear infection has been recurring, doctor wanted us to check back today to make sure it is completely cleared. And guess what. It is not.

So we will see an ENT specialist in 2 weeks. Our ped said chances are, they would probably have us wait until summer and see if it clears up itself before suggesting to put tubes in.

In the meantime, of course, more antibiotics.

I really hate to put tubes in, and my husband's coworkers had said if they suggested tubes, just say no, as kids will eventually outgrow it. But then why are we even going to see the ENT? Do we continue to keep taking antibiotics nonstop?


Please God. I just want it to go away.