My exhausted brain is just realizing there is a connection here ... curious what this looked like for you?

We’ve wondered for a while if my youngest has a reflux issue. It’s not major I think ... we’ve never treated it because she doesn’t seem miserable and is a chunk. But she spits up a ton still at 6m (and is an excellent sitter which was supposed to help but didn’t - she’s been sitting up 1.5 months now), hates being on her tummy (and has never rolled probably related to that), and I just realized her crappy sleep could be connected. It’s not a horrible extreme but we’ve never gotten close to STTN - she wakes every 3-4hr and wants to comfort nurse or sometimes is just really sad.

We’ve been fairly successful with daytime sleep training (and initial bedtime) but at night she is just screeching and sad and we haven’t followed through yet. I’m so exhausted at this point and trying to think through whether we tough out some really awful CIO (I know it can work, we did it for my last one) or whether something else may help if there is reflux. Or who knows could be teething or a phase or anything really. So just looking for patterns others may have seen.