The Fisher Price rock n play is finally available in Canada! (it was previously unavailable as we have super strict(sometimes ridiculous) laws about safety and apparently they can cause flat heads/torticollis if used too much or something along the lines of that)I have read countless blogs where mamas sing the praises of this thing for nighttime sleep. I was so excited to see I can finally purchase one! I'm desperate-my 5 week old DOES NOT sleep flat for longer than 30 minutes, so I spend most of the night awake-sleeping with her on my chest. She has a bit of reflux, and is currently a bit stuffed up with a cold, so I know that is part of the problem, but it has been like this since day one. We have done some chiropractic adjustments, which have helped. The first time we went she slept 3 hours that night! It was a miracle. Then, she got sick and we are back to square one. Her pack n play mattress is elevated. She sleeps great in her mamaroo during the day. I have read that the transition to the crib after the rock n play can be difficult. At this point I'm willing to take that. I really need her to sleep on her own in between feedings for a least SOME of the night. Looking for opinions/advice! Anyone care to share their experiences? I seriously want to go pick up one tomorrow if there's even a small chance it could help us for awhile. My 3 year old wouldn't sleep in her bassinet around this age, but she would sleep in bed with me, so we co-slept until she was about 8 weeks old. My baby won't even do this for very long. Thanks in advance from a mama who would really like even an hour of sleep without baby attached to me. (I should add-my husband is on paternity leave with me until January, so I get 2 naps in to make up for the no sleep at night!)