We are moving the kiddos into big kid beds and instead of having one area rug under both cribs/toddler beds we need to buy a larger area rug. We are opting to buy two smaller area rugs so they can continue to be used when the kids eventually split to separate rooms.

NOW - my husband mentioned Ruggable and I love the idea - not having to worry if there is an accident or vomit or whatever ... just toss it in the wash.

However, we bought a small one to see what the quality was like (DH will use it in his office now that the kids hang out with him in there more since he is WFH) ... and I was disappointed in the rug pad...aka NON-pad. I was thinking this would offer a bit of cushion if they fall out of bed....but it is not any better than falling out on a hardwood floor.

Any recs for where to shop for area rugs that have a little cushion but are easy to care for?

OR anyone have experience with putting some sort of pad below a ruggable rug? The rug will be below a solid wood bed (heavy) so I'm thinking that if we did an aftermarket cushion type thing - it wouldn't slip around too much?