I should start off and say that I am really lucky to have my Mom and MIL live so close and be willing to provide childcare for Bug when I have to go back to work. That being said, this is our first baby, their first grandchild and everyone is extremely excited and emotional.

We were hanging out a few weeks ago and my Mom mentioned that at Grandma's house there will be her rules, not ours. I'm actually OK with this since I don't have any rules to enforce but Hello_Josh, my husband, was not. (Can you really make rules for a newborn?).

I think what my mom meant to say was, at her house, the rules will be different and less stringent than at our house. When pressed further on her "rules" they seemed to be in alignment with rules/teachings we would have at our house anyways. The bottom line is, She wants to be able to have fun as a grandma and not so much as a disciplinarian/parental figure. I totally get that.

Does anyone else have their children watched by close family members? If so, what rules do you have in place?