Hello All!

I hope that I can join your community here on hellobee. I've never been a bee. When I was waiting to get engaged and married, I was on the Knot. (I ultimately ended up leaving). So when DH and I decided to finally start TTC (DH set timeline)- I ventured over to the Bump and it seemed like so many people there were mean and snarky. I would think that all that negative energy would not be the most beneficial space to surround yourself in when trying to create life.

I've tried to take a very holistic approach in preparing and despite having very low chances of conceiving naturally (1% chance), I would like to continue a very grounded and nurturing fertility journey. I have finally found the love I have for myself and try to grow it each day. I go to a chiropractor and acupuncturist weekly in an attempt to push myself to a healthier place.

How long have you been TTC? Do you have any advice on how to stay positive and grounded?