Today Grandma and Grandpa fed LO 1/2 a baby food jar at "breakfast" and then the other 1/2 at "lunch," served straight from the jar both times and refrigerated in between. This is the second time they've done that despite me asking them nonchalantly to throw out any leftover food, bc that's what all the food safety guidelines for babies say to do.

Is this one of those hard-and-fast rules you hold to, or a more forgiving guideline that you ignore sometimes? Like, I'm know you're SUPPOSED to wash pump parts after every use, and not re-serve partially fed breastmilk, but most of us have said here on the boards that we do it anyway.

Basically, I'm wondering whether or not this is an important enough rule to bring up again. I want to let the little things slide, but I don't know if it's a little thing since everything says to throw it away and not save it?

They care for LO very day, so this situation will come up often enough.