Some of you ladies may remember that I was asking for help about where to get some financial aid/scholarships for the remaining semesters of school I have left. I ending up getting two scholarships, enough to cover two and a half semesters. Well can you believe one of them got taken away! My spirit is so broken. I'm on the phone with financial aid trying to figure out why. Even though my dad agreed to pay, now his wife's dad is extremely sick and I feel like this would be a burden on them. Ever since I had DD things have been a struggle, mentally and financially. School was the only thing that was mine and I worked so hard to get it done so I could provide a better life for myself and my family. I feel so defeated. I'm just so very sad.

ETA: the scholarship I'm left with does not cover this current semester leaving me with a high balance and I can't register for the upcoming semester until this is paid.