School started 2 weeks ago for us, and I am sure gradually to most of you if it hasn't happened yet. How are you and your LOs doing? If you are going to a new school, what do you like/love (or dislike) about your new school, and what you wish they could have done better?

We changed from our beloved daycare to a brand new school (preschool - grade 8) for their pre-k program. I was so nervous before it started but two weeks in we really love it. DS got a cold and hopefully he will recover from it soon. He wasn't very happy the first day or two because he knows no one. Then he got a hang of it and is seemingly very happy. My problem is now, everyday I pick him up he'd be happy and said bye to everyone, but he'd be very mean to me. Today he basically cried on and off, and throwing back to back tantrums from 4:30pm to bedtime at 8pm. Argh! This is actually (unfortunately) consistent behavior - when he goes to a good and motivating new class, he tends to do that to me for weeks/months. I just hope I have enough EQ to deal with this every day.

Other than that the curriculum is awesome. My issue is DS is reading but they are teaching regular pre-k curriculum: the reading of alphabets. That's a tad bit concerning as I don't want DS to get bored. And on top of that, traffic is quite miserable around the new school....

How about you?