LO is 16 weeks and is notorious for taking short (30 minute) naps. Every once in awhile he'll be so tired and I can extend it a bit with a pacifier and he'll take a long one... but the short ones are more of the norm. I've read this can be pretty common for young babies. It's frustrating because it's hard for me to get much done in that time, and since he's not napping long enough to really get a good sleep, he's cranky/fussy pretty quickly and can't handle much awake time. So it feels like so much of our day is spent putting down for naps.

I guess I'm just wondering for those with babies/kids who are further along, when did your LO's naps become a bit longer and a bit more predictable with timing? How old were they, and did you do anything, or did naps just consolidate and become longer on their own?