I know some people may be curious about the story of Alastair turned Juliet's birth! So here's a short version...

I woke up around 11:45pm on May 1 and felt a couple of cramps I thought were contractions. And for some reason I just felt like my water was going to break so I rolled out of bed and sure enough it did! Managed not to make a mess on the bed! Yay!

Contractions were immediately about 2 mins apart but not incredibly strong. My midwife thought it was best to go to the hospital since it was a second labor, they thought it might go quickly!!

Labor did not go super quickly, I would say they officially called it active labour around 1:30am. It look a really long time and a lot of frustration and pain but I was ready to push around 1:45pm. 10 minutes later baby was here and immediately put on my chest for skin to skin.

It was probably about 15-20 mins before a nurse asked "did you guys know what you were having?" We said yes! Then the midwife said "didn't you think it was a boy?" Again, yesssss... "This is definitely not a boy!!"

Wow. It was a career first for both the nurse and the midwife!!! With the ultrasound technology today I guess this is pretty rare. We were told at 20 weeks it was a boy!

Anyway it was really fun calling our loved ones and telling them our big surprise

Juliet Grace was born on May 2 (her due date!) weighed an impressive 9lbs 8oz and was 22 inches long! Completely unmedicated delivery, and just one super small tear, so recovery has been a breeze this time around!!