My daughter is 8 (third grade). She's reading at multiple grade levels ahead and is in next-grade-level math but her writing is atrocious. Truly illegible atrocious. Words run together/no spacing, she still flips letters and numbers around, spelling is awful (though she's a voracious reader, but they don't have spelling instruction in school), you name it. Her teachers have told me that they're not worried and that in part because of the pandemic and virtual school last year kids are behind in writing mechanics. Which I get, but I see writing from kids in 1st and 2nd grade that's miles ahead of hers so that's not the only explanation. When she types, rather than handwrites, it's a little better (though we still have to edit for punctuation, capitalization and spelling) but handwriting is just bad. A large issue is that she moves very fast in order to "get it over with" so it does get somewhat better when I force her to slow down (e.g. when she makes a card for a friend) but without that prompting, it doesn't happen and even with it, it's still just not good.

This is keeping me up at night and I'm not sure if I should be giving her extra practice or make her do workbooks or something. I really don't want to, in part because her school doesn't do homework so she isn't bringing anything home to practice and I don't want to force something on her, but I'm also worrying that this isn't going to get better and she'll face some harsh feedback as she keeps getting older.

Would love some reality checks either way here. Thank you!