Toddler X is 14.5 months, and he is clearly starting his "terrible twos" now. I'm kind of at a loss for what to do or how to handle him because a lot of the things I've read or been recommended aren't really suited for a kid younger than 18months.

Here's what we've been doing-- mostly, we do the Love & Logic methods. We do time outs-- just to get emotions under control, not as punishment. We use stern voices, we're consistent. We don't spank (and won't). We remove him from the situation. We explain what's happening or what is about to happen. (This one has actually been the most helpful.) We talk through consequences, and "give" small, choices (Ex: "I see you're unhappy about being in your high chair. You can choose to throw a fit/fight/scream about it and I'll take you out and you can go without eating at all right now. Or you can calm down, sit in your high chair, and join us for dinner."---- not that he really understands, but we're getting in the habit.)

All of that helps, but still... he melts down. And I'm sure it's not as effective as it would be with a child over 18months. I think a lot of what is usually recommended for "terrible 2s" is just barely above his comprehension level right now. Has anyone else had a kid that started the "terrible 2s" early? What did you do?