I have been trying to get pregnant with baby #2 for two years now. In the first six months of trying I had an ectopic followed by two miscarriages. Those pregnancies were all conceived naturally. It has been a year and half since my last miscarriage and still no pregnancy.

We have done two rounds of Clomid, two rounds of Femara and one injectables + IUI cycle without success. I've also done acupuncture and tried myo-inositol and a few other supplements. I'm at a healthy weight and have always eaten well and exercised. Chromosomal testing was normal and the HSG was good.
My most recent CD 3 labs were back in Feb and my results were: estradiol 20, FSH 5.19, TSH 1.6 and AMH 6.36.

My RE was slightly leaning towards a PCOS diagnosis because of longer cycles (35-45 days) and higher AMH but it wasn't a concrete diagnosis and they have labeled me as "unexplained."

I am still using OPKs and BDing at the right time but honestly have given up any hope of ever being pregnant again. I've read some posts here about becoming pregnant naturally after an unexplained diagnosis but has it taken anyone over two years? Any advice? After already spending thousands on testing and treatment over the past year we are not willing to spend any more money trying to get pregnant.

TTC is not consuming my life like it used to and I am incredibly happy with our family of three. If I never get pregnant again I will not be distraught for the rest of my life, but every month I always get my hopes up and then am let down when my period arrives. My husband is considering a vasectomy just so we can close this chapter and move on. I'm sorry for the long rambly post but I guess I am just looking for an outside perspective.