I’m probably overthinking this, but I’m on the fence about inviting two additional kids to my DD’s upcoming 4th birthday. The guest list is technically already at capacity as per the venue policy, but I can pay an additional fee for up to 4 extra kids, and no one who has been invited has officially RSVP’d yet.

Anyway, these two girls are my former colleague’s daughters. I haven’t seen her/them since she invited my DD to her oldest daughter’s 2nd birthday party two years ago. She (colleague) and I do text frequently, though, and keep talking about getting together.

I’m on the fence because I feel like the subject of my DD’s birthday (party) will come up at some point, and I don’t want it to be awkward if I don’t invite them (since she did invite us to her DD’s party.). However, my DD won’t really know her girls at all (and vice versa), and as mentioned above, if all invitees end up coming, I’d have to pay $40 extra for these girls.

Any advice?