My LO is currently 11 wks old. Every nap is a battle, and have progressively gotten shorter and shorter, to the point where they are about 20-30 minutes long. And this is after I try to rock him to sleep for about 10-20 minutes. Our nap routine consists of swaddle, dark room, white noise, lullaby. Doesn't work. He usually starts crying the minute the swaddle is on. I have tried playing around with wake times. Nothing. Sometimes a carrier works, sometimes holding him works.
I know 3 months is really early to nap train. I was trying to hold off until he is swaddle-weaned and able to self-soothe before nap training, but it's gotten to the point where he is throwing a fit for each and every nap, only to sleep 20-30 min. I also realize that catnaps are common at this age. I just want to be able to put him down for a nap without such a fight! will nap training him this early help me accomplish this? I think I can live with the short naps (from what I've read, most babies consolidate their naps around 6 months or so) for now, if I can put him down more easily.
I'm almost at my breaking point here. I would like to not fight him every day, every couple of hours , for naps. Will nap training this early help me? By the way, I do believe he will cry hard and for a long time, not just fuss, if I try training him. That will happen at any age, though.
Input is appreciated. I know it's very early to consider, but like I said I am almost at my breaking point. Help!