Our LO is 19 weeks. So far, we have been lucky and she generally sleeps well through the night (sometimes 1 or 2 wake ups but we can handle it). For the last month or so, she has fought us on naps. Rocking, bouncing, patting- all our old tricks were failing. After a miserable weekend we decided to begin sleep training for naps with the Sleep Easy Solution. Yesterday was the first day and we had some moderate success. My question is, the book recommends a wake time of 2-2 1/2 hours for her age. She sometimes appears tired before that. Do I just stick with what the book says? This morning I went with her cues (quiet, yawning) and I put her down after a wake time of 1 hour. She pretty much just played and babbled for first 25 minutes and cried on/off for rest of time. She was cranky when I got her and fell asleep with bottle. Now I'm holding her because she hasn't been able to get through her sleep transitions on her own and this poor baby needs sleep! Please tell me there is hope and it gets better. Feeling like a failure today.