So my LO is about to turn two. She has grown out of 24 month carters and gap in length. She's even starting to grow out of some 2T pants in length (which is odd because she's not off the charts tall, but def upper 75th percentile and taller than most of her kid friends). Both DH and I are average sized.
I"m trying to buy ahead (of course) for the spring and summer.
Did your kids stay in 2T for a while? I know this is a dumb question, but some people have said 2T is theoretically for a 2 year old until 3 (which is backwards from sizing up till 24 months....for example 18m always meant 12-18m to me). But the fact she is growing out of some 2T has me a little confused.
Thoughts? She is thin, so same pants are typically too large in the waist but are becoming high waters. Shorts, unless they are slim, slide off. Dresses are short on her.

How does sizing work?? is a 2t really from age 2 until they turn three roughly? she probably about 34-35" and 28 lbs.
I want to get the most bang for my buck out of clothes, but don't want her to look sloppy all summer.