Help! My super skinny nine year old daughter is into dressing a bit more like a "tween" these days, and needs some skinny jeans (or jeggings) for school. Does anyone have brand and style suggestions for us?

Hanna Andersson slim leggings had been our solution the past few years, but she wants something she can wear with more adult looking blouses (i.e., with pockets on the back).

For reference she's about 48 lbs and 52 inches - basically a maximum size 5T or 6 waist, but a size 8 length, with no rear or thighs to fill things out. The fact that wide leg and "mom jeans" are being pushed style-wise, even for kids, totally does not help! Although I guess it will make it less obvious that her jeans are not intentionally loose? I don't know...I am pretty devoted to skinny jeans myself and am having trouble getting on board this fashion train. It reminds me too much of middle school!