Looking for some advice. LO2 (almost 5 months) has very inconsistent sleep and it's been that way for about 2 months now. Sometimes he does great (falls asleep on his own, only wakes 1-2 times), sometimes not so much (up every 1-3 hrs, needs rocking or nursing to get back to sleep). We haven't sleep trained him yet because he's still in a swaddle and sleeping in a bassinet in our room, and I wasn't quite ready to move him to his nursery downstairs. But the past few nights have been awful so DH and I are trying to decide if we should sleep train him tonight.

The only thing is, his sleep has gotten very weird so we're not sure what's going on. 2 out of the past 3 nights, he's had a really hard time going back to sleep after waking, and last night in particular, he had several stretches of over an hour where he just wanted to hang out and chat (but if you put him in the bassinet, he'd cry). I thought we'd already been through the 4 month regression, but maybe not? Previously, even if he was up every 2 hrs, it was at least not too hard to get him to fall back asleep.

DH is worried that if we try to sleep train while he's going through something developmental, it will backfire. I sort of agree but am also exhausted. What would you ladies do? I'm torn between just going for it tonight or giving him another day or two to sort it out.

FWIW, we sleep trained LO1 at 5.5 months and it worked great, but her sleep was very consistently bad so it was a no brainer. LO2's sleep is confusing to me.