Oh sleep training. Can't wait until I'm on the other side of you...

Hoping someone has experience or wisdom to offer next steps here.

My second kid is just about 9 months old. We did CIO at 6.5 months for falling asleep at nap and bedtime. It worked and he has put himself to sleep ever since. After two weeks of CIO he still couldn't sleep all night without crying for over 25 minutes several times. I intervened again, as I did pre-sleep training, so as not to disturb my 2.5 year old and to get some actual sleep. Then, waking at 3am and 5am became 2am and 5am, etc. where now he's unpredictable again. So he wakes 2-3x/night and I nurse him back to sleep, again. Crying for 5-10 minutes seems to only rouse him more and then he's wide awake for at least an hour. Nursing seems to be quick and cause less interruption for everyone. However, I'm so over it.

How do you get a kid to sleep through the night when they can already put themselves to sleep?! With my first, CIO and night weaning happened at the same time. She was textbook CIO. Now, I'm at a loss for how to proceed and hope someone can offer ideas.

We did try CIO again at 7.5 months for this problem, but quit after the first night of 1 hour of crying with checks.

Any info is appreciated!