So we are on cycle #3 to TTC #2. First cycle was after getting my IUD out and was longer than usual. Second cycle was back to normal. This cycle I was really hoping it was it and this weekend should be ovulating and have been having faint brown tinged CM and today some spotting with BD. I'm worried it's going to be a funky cycle and I won't ovulate. I'm not using OPKs or temping - just using a fertile week based on when I ovulated when TTC LO (used OPKs then). We're trying a lower stress approach this time (LO was our rainbow baby after a m/c) and I"m not sure it's working for me! New this month was for the past week I've had a terrible flu turned sinus infection and am now on antibiotics, so I'm not sure if that's affected anything. I have finally turned the corner though but not back 100%. I don't recall ever having spotted with ovulation before. I can usually notice EWCM for quite a few days during my fertile week and haven't seen any yet. But I was taking decongestants and thought maybe that messed things up.

Ideas? I am just so frustrated to think I may be out this cycle already. I know 3 mo isn't long in the scheme of things but all my close friends/family are the try one month or oops club and it makes me feel like I'm the only one not a fertile mertile and I have such bad baby fever!! Plus next cycle we'll be visiting family over my fertile week which does not bode well for alone time with DH. Sigh.