I've been wearing LO in an Ergo Original or a Beco Gemini. I love the closeness but he is SO DARN HEAVY. I have it all adjusted the way it should be - all the straps are cinched & positioned properly and I can kiss his head. But I can barely wear him for more than 25-30 minutes. He is almost 19lbs at 6mo, and 27in. I am petite, at 5'2" and about 125lbs (trying to get back to pre-preg weight of 115).

Do you think I would have more luck with a Tula, a Lillebaby, or a Kinderpack? And to make it more complicated, there are Tula Toddlers and Kinderpack Toddlers, made for bigger babies starting at 25lbs.... maybe wait and ask for Christmas?

And I know I could go to a BWI group and see what they have in their library.... but I'm going into my busy season at work and I'm a bit shy in real life, haha