Our microfiber inserts STINK and I don’t know what to do.

This is the second kid using these and she’s 19 months old (almost 20). They are the Best Bottom medium inserts so she’s probably been using them for about 10-12 months, and DD1 probably used them for 8 months. We had a stink problem around age 1 with DD1 but switching to Charlie’s Soap completely solved that. We use Best Bottom and Blueberry shells (so no pockets).

I’ve stripped the inserts twice. I’ve tried unscented laundry soap. I’ve tried regular Tide. I use Borax every time which was my save all last go around. Nothing is working. The stink is so bad my FIL refuses to put her in them for fear of bacteria.

So, is there a last shot any of you can recommend to remove the stink? I’m in a tough spot because we have the next size insert up in storage, but she’s so petite she won’t quite fit them yet without doubling up with some smaller hemp inserts we have, and we don’t have a ton of them. I also can’t justify purchasing any new inserts because she’ll hopefully be potty trained around age 2 (goals right—DD1 was just shy of 2 so fingers crossed). Or would you throw in the towel and use disposables for 4 months? I guess this is really for moms who successfullycoth diapered multiple kids using the same inserts.