I feel insane, but I’m considering buying yet another stroller for our family. Sigh. We will be in europe for a month (2 weeks for my husbands work and two weeks for a family trip my parents are taking us on- we are very lucky!) my kids will be 4 years old and 10 months old. Right now we have a Maclaren Mark 2 (this is what we took abroad when my son was 2.5) and a citimini GT. I think the citimini is just way too big and bulky for travel, especially in Europe. We loved the Maclaren last time, but I know the baby will need to take a ton of on the go naps and so I’ll want something that reclines. Ideally I’d like something that offers an option to let my older son ride when he gets too tired- a standing board or similar would be fine, I don’t think we need a full fledged double or anything! Any recommendations as to what might fit the bill of 1) lightweight/ small 2) reclines for baby’s nap and 3) maybe has a place for a small 4 yo to ride. Ideally not a million dollars too since this is going to be a very tough sell for my husband. Am I dreaming of a unicorn? What wisdom does the hive have for me? Thanks!