DS is now 25 months old and in the thick of a little extra separation anxiety/need for consistency and routine and a strong parental preference. (Still co-sleeping half the night. And nursing at bedtime and in the early AM. And 2-year molars. YAY!) He was a high-needs/velcro/highly opinionated infant who has grown into a mostly happy, outgoing, and fairly stubborn toddler and who increasingly is loathe to let other people (babysitter, even local grandparents) care for him at times. DH feels like part of his reluctance at night is that he wants to make sure he is "in control" of (and that his mama is there for) the process. And we are now doing somewhat better by giving him a detailed explanation of what is going to happen "...and then mommy and daddy will come home and give you your bath" or whatever. But just recently and increasingly, if I'm in the room, he will say "no, mama do it" if his dad tries to help and for the last 2 days, when he wakes up next to his dad (watching him while I get a shower) in the morning, he just falls completely apart (screaming, crying, writhing) and won't be consoled until he finds me. He and his dad seem to have a really good relationship and play together often. DH is feeling really down and is worried that this is paving the way for him to have a sub-par relationship with his son in the years to come. I feel like it's probably a stage (everything's a stage ) and we'll make it through this. But the hysterical reaction particularly is miserable for everyone. Does anyone mind sharing how their experience went and how long it lasted? Any tips would be appreciated.