Hi all,

My LO is 9 mo and he was taking purees well before but as of late, he’s not taking purees as well and barely eats any of the table food I give him. The only table food I can guarantee he will eat is bread and Cheerios or any kind of baby snacks (mums, puffs, etc). Anything else he just plays with and doesn’t try to eat it. I make his purees but buy the jars just for meat. I noticed that he’ll eat the jars more easily than anything I make lately... but it’s hard to even get him to eat the first spoonful and then once he figures out he likes it he’ll keep eating it... so I’m thinking maybe I should just try getting all jar food?!?! I don’t know! He’s also still on stage 2 (6m) because he rejects stage 3.

I keep offering table food over and over but nothing and it sucks that he’s even rejecting purees more often too. I’ve been making him smoothies to try and make up for his lack of eating.

Any suggestions or similar experiences?