My son is 13 months and refuses to eat pretty much any table food other than breads/grains. He'll eat like a champ on muffins, pancakes, toast, sandwich bread, crackers, goldfish, cheerios, grilled cheese, french fries, tortilla chips, and nutrigrain bars. I am curious to know at what age it may be appropriate to say "if you don't want what I served, then you don't get to eat." I know every child will be different in when that time frame would be appropriate but I can't feed him stage 3 purees or carbs exclusively! I've managed to sneak in the occasional banana by mashing it with an egg with a touch of cinnamon/sugar and making a "pancake" but this isn't balanced nutrition by a long shot. And he doesn't want to be spoon fed the purees so I'm at a loss. Do you think it will get better once his molars come in and he can grind food better? Any advice would be appreciated.