I am due in May with my second child, a baby girl. I had a C section 3 years ago this March with my son. I had a scheduled induction with my son. When I got there, I was in the early stages of labor, and dialated 3 cm. They adminstered pitocin, and after 13 hours, I had only dialated to 5 cm, and my son’s heart rate periodically dropped due to the pitocin; therefore, I had a C Section with my 9 lb 5 oz son which was apparently really large for my frame because people always comment about it which I think is odd. It wasn’t that bad, and the longer hospital stay was nice because I had more than enough time to work with a lactation consultant at the hospital, which I believe was part of the reason I was so successful with breastfeeding. This time around, I really don’t want the longer hospital stay because I want to be home with my son. I also won’t have as much help the week I get home like I did last time when I am still sore and unable to drive. My doctor and I started the conversation about the birth at my 20 week appointment. He said that if I was planning on having more childeren, he would reccomend to try a VBAC, but since this will most likely be my last child, a repeat C Section seems to be his reccomendation, but he did stress that it is my decision. If this baby is as large as the last though, he seems to see apprehensive about a VBAC as well since I did struggle with it the first time around. My questions for you are, how many of you out there had a successful VBAC with your second child? Why did you have a C Section the first time? If you didn’t have a successful VBAC, what caused it to be unsuccessful? I just trying to hear different experiences to help me make my decision. Luckily, it is a decision I have time to think about, but I also know May will be here before I know it!