I am a self proclaimed food hoarder. I can't pass up a good deal and love my Costco card. I technically have 3 freezers (the one in my kitchen, a deep freezer and a small one attached to my overflow 2nd fridge. For my freezers, I usually buy meat in bulk at a great deal and then use a vacuum sealer to freeze it in small portions and I also am huge on batch cooking to make weeknight dinners easier.

What I don't have is a great system to keep track of everything in my freezers (and my overflow pantry in the basement) and this sometimes leads me to buy things we already have a ton of or losing things in the freezer until they are too freezer burned to use. I absolutely HATE food waste. I tried keeping track of things in Excel or even directly on the deep freezer with a dry erase marker but DH would never add or delete things so the system fell apart.

Does anyone know of an app that would help keep track of everything with the following features?

-sharable so that DH and I both have it on our phones
-can break the list into separate groups so I could keep track of what's in the deep freezer, upstairs freezer, downstairs pantry, etc. and have separate lists for each
-be able to track the quantity of a single item and be able to increase or decrease it as necessary. Like if I have 5 packages of prepared taco meat, it would show a quantity of 5 and not that I would have to list taco meat 5 separate times
-a super awesome bonus would be if it connected to Alexa and I could just yell at her to add or delete something off the list.

I should note that we're an android family. I don't need this to suggest recipes or create shopping lists. I just need to keep track of what I have on hand.