I'm considering taking either a Management and Supervisory course (or both) at a local university. Both are during work hours for a few weeks. I don't know anyone who has taken a course like that. Everyone I know has moved up through an MBA and then complained that they didn't learn anything applicable through their MBA. I don't see myself getting an MBA at this point.

Have you taken a specific Management or Supervisory course? I'd love to hear your thoughts or recommendations.

My goal in taking the course would mainly be to improve my knowledge of management since I'm in a technical field, managing a technical team and I haven't studied anything like that.

I'd like to pitch one or both to my boss, mainly asking for the time to take the course. He's retiring this year and in his plan (signed off by some but not all of management) I'll be going from individual contributor to having a dotted line team of seven in a few months and then adding another team of two at the end of the year. That will make me the leader of our group at our campus.

Course descriptions below: