I recently had surgery and between the surgery itself, not being able to get out of bed for several days, being away from my son and now a medication I need to be on for at least 3 more weeks my milk supply is basically gone.

I was pretty burnt out with pumping anyway so I've decided to just ride it out nursing morning and evening as long as it's sustainable.

I have several hundred oz of breast milk in the freezer that we are going through but it won't last until Ds is 12 months. He is almost 9 months now and I think the frozen milk will last probably until 10 months.

Should I go ahead and start 1-2 formula bottles a day or should I use up my frozen until it's gone and then use formula? Can you mix breast milk and formula together? When I transitioned my daughter to whole milk I started by mixing the bottles so she could get used to the taste. I'm not sure if formula is the same since I've never used it? Also, how the heck to I decide what kind to buy? He has no allergies or sensitivities so far. Help!