Okay. I am through a third round of fighting off nursing related issues (plugged ducts, having fluid drained at the OBGYN, major swelling from her refusing one breast twice) at 5 weeks. Breastfeeding has continued to be THE issue for us.

Her weight gain has been so-so and I've been supplementing after some initial concern by the Pediatrician my supply was the issue (At her 2 week appt she had only gained 2.5 oz... nursing had worn me out before this appt and I felt like she was never content). Her ability to transfer is also questionable based on weighted feeds/observations made by lactation consultants/my midwife.

That said, I am trying to keep at this but it is really frustrating to wonder after every feeding how much she is getting and how much to top her off with. Some feedings (all last at least 30 min) she seems content with just breast milk while others she will pull off and cry no matter what I try position wise/compressing, etc. I am taking More Milk Plus, eating oatmeal, trying to stay hydrated...

On top of this, my body is not responding well to pumping. I have the Medela pump in style and then rented the hospital grade Symphony and between both have maybe pumped an ounce total.

I keep holding out that her inefficiency may be corrected as she develops but wonder if maybe I really am not able to feed her adequately even if that happens. It seems like she is frustrated with feeds as the day progresses, as if my supply maybe tanks late afternoon or in the evening sometimes. How do you really know if its a supply issue? I feel fullness in my breasts when she sleeps/goes slightly more between sessions, I can express milk manually most of the time (when I am checking to see if anything is coming out when she gets frustrated),

As far as supplementing, I am curious to know how much others "top off" with. I have mainly offered her 2 oz but this week she has seemed to want more, so I've upped it to 3, hoping she is at least getting an ounce from me during nursing (this is what she has transferred at the last 2 weighted feeds, the most being 1.25 ounces). I am nursing about 10 times a day and averaging 3-5 bottles a day just for reference.

I keep hoping breastfeeding will improve and the need to supplement will go away, but I know that this doesn't always work out and have come to terms with it- mostly.